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     Alex,GM0DHZ, has started his five week holiday in Tunisia on Nov 19.He plans to
     activate the clubstation 3V8SS from time to time in CW/SSB on 80-10m (maybe also 160m)

     T98A will be QRV as 6W1SJ as a Single Op/All Band entry in the CQ WW CW contest.
                                                                               QSL via T93Y.
     Tomas, VK2CCC (LY1F) will be  active as A35MT  from Tonga on  19-26November. He  will
     concentrate  on working  the low  bands CW,  and operation will  include an  entry in
     the  CQ  WW DX  CW  Contest.               QSLling instructions at qrz.com under LY1F.
     Ray, ND6S will operate as C6AGY from Treasure Cay (NA-080), Bahamas from 18 November
     to 1  December, including an  entry (SOAB or SOSB 15m) entry in the CQ WW DX CW Contest
                                                                              QSL via ND6S.
    Juan, CO8TW will be QRV as a Single Op/Single Band/Low Power entry on 20 meters during
    the CQ WW CW contest.                                                   QSL via HB9SVT.
     A group of RRDXA members will hit the airwaves with three or four stations signing
     ED8A in the M/M category of the CQWW CW Contest.OPs will be DK3QZ, DL1EMH, DL3HAH,
     DL3QQ, PA0R and DL5XX. The OPs can be found working as EA8/homecalls in CW on all
     bands before the CQWW.                      More information at: http://www.rrdxa.de
    Nodir, EY8MM will be a SO/SB entry on 160 meters during the CQ WW CW contest.
                                                                              QSL via K1BV.
     Didier, FY5FY will be QRV as a Single Op/All Band/QRP entry in the CQ WW CW contest.
                                                                        QSL to home call.
    Rich, K2WR, Dick, GU4CHY and possibly others will be QRV as MJ0AWR and GJ4CHY,respectively,
    until November 25. Look for them to be QRV as GJ2A as either a M/S or M 2 entry in the
    CQ WW CW contest.                                                     QSL GJ2A via K2WR.
                                                  QSL MJ0AWR via K2WR and GJ4CHY via GU4CHY.
     Rafael "Chikin",HI8RV, writes that he will show up with his new call
     HI8A on December 1st.HI8A was issued before to Aki,JA5DQH in the 1990s.
   - Six members of the Florida Contest Group, AD4Z/HI3A, HI3CCP, K1TO, K8NZ, N4GI and N4TO,
     will operate as HI3A during the CQ WW CW contest as a M/2 entry and prior to that as
     HI3FCG. HI3A will also be QRV for the ARRL 160 Meter Contest the following weekend.
                                                                         All QSLs via ON4IQ.
    Fred, K3ZO will be QRV as HS0ZAR as a SO/All Band entry in the CQ WW CW contest.
                                                                           QSL to home call.
    In addition, Cha, HS8KAY will be QRV from Phuket Island, IOTA AS 053, in the CQ WW CW
     contest as a Single Op/Single Band/Low Power entry on 20 meters.
    Look for IZ1GAR, I1NVU and IK7JWY to be QRV as IH9R, IH9U and IH9M, respectively,during
    the CQ WW CW contest as Single Op/Single Band/High power entries on 40, 15 and 80 meters
    respectively.                                                         QSL to home calls.
     Martin, OK1FUA will be QRV as IS0N as a Single Op/Power Band/Low Power entry on either
     80 or 40 meters during the CQ WW CW contest.                             QSL via OK1M
AS-079  Miyako-Jima
     Look for JS6RRR, JI3DST/JS6 and JH5YCW/JS6  to be active on  160-10 metres plus 6 metres
     SSB, CW,  RTTY, PSK31 and FM from  Miyako-Jima on 22-27 November.      QSL via bureau.
     Look for KH2/JL3RCU  (QSL JL3RCU),  KH2/N3MU (QSL JA3CEK),KH2/KI6MHU (QSL JI3DNN) and
     KH2/K2JA  (QSL JL3SIK) to  be active from Guam (OC-026) on 22-25  November. They plan
     to  operate CW, SSB and some digital modes  on 160-6 metres and to  participate
     in the CQ WW DX  CW Contest. Cards  can be sent  direct or via  the bureau, and
     JL3SIK will upload the logs for KH2/K2JA to LoTW.
NA-106  US Virgin Islands   
     John, K3TEJ and Ed, K3VA will  be active as KP2/K3TEJ and  KP2/K3VA from the US Virgin
     Islands (NA-106) on 20-27 November.                                QSL via home calls.
     They will  participate in the  CQ WW DX  CW Contest as  KP2M.            QSL via AI4U.
EU-171  Vendsyssel-Thy/Nordjylland
     DF8AE, DF8XC, DK5QN, DL1YDI and DL1YAW will be active as 5P3WW from Vendsyssel-Thy/
     Nordjylland (EU-171) on 20-27 November, CQ WW DX  CW included. They will have  three
     stations and  will operate SSB,  CW and  digital  modes.  QSL  via  DL1YAW.
SA-006  Bonaire
     KU8E, K4BAI and K5OT will operate  as PJ4/homecall  from  Bonaire(SA-006) on 20-27 Nov.
     They will  participate in the CQ WW  DX CW Contest as PJ4A.         All QSLs via K4BAI.
     Ed, PY4WAS and Julio, PQ2BT will be in the rare Brazilian State  of Amapa between 22
     and 26 November. They plan to be active on  10-80 metres CW and SSB as PQ8KL, and to
     participate in the CQ WW DX  CW  Contest.                               QSL via PY4KL.
R1_ant  Antarctica
     Rif, RZ3BJ is currently active as R1ANR from "Blue One Runway" (aka"Novo Runway"),
     a logistic facility located some 14 kilometres away from  Novolazarevskaja   base,
     Antarctica.                                        QSL  via   operator's instructions.
T8  Palau
   - JK2VOC (T88FY)  and JF2IWW  (T88IW) will  be active  from Palau  on 23-26 November.
     During the CQ WW DX  CW  Contest look for T88FY  as an  SOAB entrant, while T88IW will
     operate on 12, 17 and 30  metres and on several satellites.         QSL via home calls.
   - T88FY will be the call of JK2VOC from Nov 23-26.He will be accompanied by JF2IWW (T88IW)
     Besides of the CQWW CW Contest activities will take place on the WARC bands and via
     the satellites VO-52, FO-29, AO-7, AO-51, AO-27.            QSLs via their homecalls.
   - OM Esa,OH7WV, will be QRV as T88WV in the SOAB category of the CQWW CW Contest and two
     days before and after.                             QSL via OH7WV, direct or via bureau.

     TC3A will be the call of LZ1NK on 40m LP in the CQWW Contest.         QSL via homecall.
   - TA2RC will be a SO/Single Band/LP entry on 160 meters on the CQ WW CW contest.
                                                                           QSL to home call.
     Mac, TZ6JA will be back to  Mali from 22  November to 14  December, and hopes to be
     QRV during  his stay. On 1-12  December he will  be working  in  a  small  village
     150km  east  of  Bamako,  with   no electricity. He  will  take  a  generator  to
     supply  a  500  watt amplifier, and will install a 2-element phased vertical for 80
     and 40 metres, and a 7-element log  periodic for 20, 17 and 15  metres.
                 QSL direct only to Makoto Obara, P.O. Box 59, Tama, Tokyo, 206-8691 Japan.
     RZ9AR, RZ9AW and RA9AA will be QRV as RK9AWN as a MS entry in the CQ WW CQ contest.
      Seppo, OH1VR  will be  active again  as OH1VR/VP9  from Bermuda  on 24-27 November.
      He will participate in  the CQ WW DX CW Contest  on 20 metres.     QSL via home call.
    - John, OH3SR  will be  active as  VP9/OH3SR  from Bermuda  on  23-27 November.
      He plans to operate  holiday style on  all bands SSB,  CW and RTTY and  to be active
      during the CQ  WW DX  CW Contest.
     Juergen,DJ3KR, will show up as VU3JRA between Nov 22 and Dec 16.
     He will work single band on 80m in the CQWW. QSL via DJ3KR.
     Tony,KM0O, will be active as XU7MWA from Nov 22-26 (including CQWW CW).  QSL via KM0O.
    YB3MM will be QRV from Karimunjawa Island, IOTA OC 186, during the CQ WW CW contest.
                                                                            QSL via IZ8CCW.
     The Iraqi government has reopened the  amateur radio service as  of 20 November,
     and Scott, AD7MI will be operating as YI9MI from  Camp Taji until 15 May. Expect
     activity on 10-80 metres SSB, CW,  PSK-31  and RTTY.                     QSL via AD7MI.
    A group of German operators will be QRV as Z37M as a M2 entry in the CQ WW CW contest
                                                                              QSL via Z37M.


The CQWW Contest in CW will take place on the upcoming weekend of Nov 24/25.
Following stations will be active in the CQWW and were not mentioned before:
CALL            CATEGORY      QSL INFO
AH2R            Multi/Single  JH7QXJ
AH6XX           n.a.
C6AKX           SOSB 20m-LP   WA4WTG
CN2AW           SOSB 20m      RV1AW
CN2FB           SOSB 80m      QRZ.com
CN2FF           SOSB 15m      QRZ.com
CN2KT           SOSB 10m      QRZ.com
CN3A            SOAB-HP       I2WIJ
CO2WF           SOSB 40m      N1KI
CO6LP           SOSB 80m      direct
CO8TW           SOSM 20m-LP   HB9SVT
CT3NT           SOAB          direct or via LoTW
CT9L            Multi/?       DJ6QT
CU2A            SOAB-HP       OH2BH
DX1M            SOAB-LP       DU1BP
E21YDP          SOAB          QRZ.com
EF8M            Multi/2       RX3DU
EY8MM           SOSB 160m     K1BV
FM5BH           SAOB-HP       W3HNK (direct)
FS/N3DXX        SOSB 40m      KN5H
FY5FY           SOAB-QRP      FY5FY
GJ2A            Multi/?       GJ3DVC or K2WR
H7/K9NW         SOAB          K9NW
HI3C            SOAB-LP       ON4IQ
HR2DMR          SOSB 160m-LP  HR2DMR
HS0ZAR          SOAB          K3ZO
HS8KAY          SOSB 20m-LP   HS Bureau
HZ1EX           SOAB          SM0BYD
IS0N            SOSB-LP       OK1MG
IS0/K7QB        SOAB-LP       IN3QBR
J49XF           SOAB          G3URA
J75W            SOSB 40m-LP   WQ5W
J88DR           SOAB          G3TBK
KG6DX           SOAB-HP       QRZ.com
KP2M            Multi/2       AI4U
LN3Z            Multi/Single  LA9VDA
LU8YE           Multi/?       EA7FTR
LX7I            Multi/Single  LX2A
MZ5B (Shetland) Single OP/?   G3TXF
NP4Z            SOAB-HP       WC4E
OG0Z            SOSB 10m      W0MM
OH0AW           SOSB 40m      OH5DX
OH0I            SOSB 160m     OH3BHL
OH0M            SOSB 160m     OH1MM
OH0Z            SOSB 15m      W0MM
P40A            SOAB          WD9DZV
P40W            SOAB          N2MM
P49Y            SOAB          AE6Y
PJ7/K7ZUM       SOAB          K7ZUM
RL3A            Multi/Single  W3HNK (direct)
SV9CVY          SOAB-HP       SV9 bureau
T88RJ           SOAB-HP       JJ1RJR (direct)
T93J            Multi/2       T98U
TA2RC           SOSB 160m-LP  TA bureau or direct
TC3A            SOSB 40m-LP   LZ1NK
V31DF           SOAB-HP       WJ2O
V47NT           SOAB-HP       W2RQ
VK4AHY          Multi/?       JA1OZK
VK9AA (VK9/C)   n.a.          DL8YR
VP5W            Multi/2       W7TSQ
VU2PTT          SOAB-LP       direct, bureau, LoTW
XU7MWA          SOAB-HP       KM0O
XW1A            SOAB          E21EIC
WP3C (LH 2802)  SOAB-LP       W3HNK (direct)
YB0ECT          SOSB 20m      K3AIR
ZB2X            n.a.          OH2KI
ZD7X            SOLP          W0MM
ZF1A            Multi/2       W5ASP
ZL4LW           SOSB 40m      G4EDG
ZP0R            n.a.          IK1PMR
3DA0ZO          SOAB          OH0XX
4K8F            SOAB          UA9AB (direct)
5P3WW (EU-171)  n.a.          DL1YAW
6H1AY           n.a.          XE1AY
6W1RW           SOAB-HP       F6BEE
6W1SJ           SOSB 40m-LP   T93Y
6Y1V            Multi/?       OH3RB
8P5A            SOAB-HP       NN1N
9K2HN           SOAB          9K2HN
9M6A            SOAB-LP       N2OO
9M6AAC          SOAB-LP       N2OO
9Y4AA           SOAB          VE3HO


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