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    Michael PA5M is now on air as 5X1DX. The main reason for his stay in Uganda is his
    work for the UN World Food Program. Operations will be in spare time only, most
    likely during his local evenings or weekends.                        QSL via PA7FM
    Witek,SP9MRO, and Marian,SP9CTT, are staying in Senegal between Apr 17 and May 5 and
    plan to hit the airwaves in CW/SSB/PSK31/RTTY on 160-10m (lowbands preferred). They
    applied for the callsigns 6V7K and 6V7J.       QSL: 6V7K via SP9SX, 6V7J via SP9CTT.
    Operators Halvard/LA7XK (KK6ZS), Just/LA9DL and Erling/LA6VM will be active as
    9M6/LA7XK, 9M6/LA9DL and 9M6/LA6VM, respectively, from Layang Layang in the Spratly
    Islands, between April 18-25th. QSL via their home callsigns, direct or by the bureau.   
    Bill, NM7H (YI9WF), intends to return to Katar in early April as A7/G0MKT through middle
    of June. Bill prefers CW on 40 through 6 m, using SSB and PSK now and then.
                                                           QSL to NM7H direct or via bureau.
    Look for DU9/PA3GZU to be QRV from Mindanao,IOTA OC-130, from April to May 12.Activity
    will be on 20 meters using SSB and PSK31, holiday style.              QSL to home call.

    Bruno, HB9BEI and Chris, HB9AUZ are QRV as EL8BK and EL8CB, respectively, until
    the end of April.  They will use CW and digital modes in their spare time. 
                                                            QSL via operators' instructions.
    Hamid, EP4HR has been QRV on 17 meters around 1500 to1600z.              QSL via I2MQP.

    Jurgen, DJ2VO, будет активен позывным FJ/DJ2VO с о-ва Saint Barthelemy (NA-146) с
    19 апреля по 8 мая. Он будет работать только CW на 80-10 м.               QSL via DJ2VO.

    John, K9EL, will be here between April 24th and May 4th on a family vacation and will
    operate as FS/K9EL whenever possible. He will be using an IC7000 and verticals for
    80-10 meters, mainly CW and SSB. RTTY is possible as well.    QSL to his home callsign.
    Joerg, DL1MJF, will stay in Thailand through April 24th. This time he will also visit
    the island Koh Samui (AS-101) Apr 20th through 24th. Published call is HS0ZGQ. He will
    have a TS-50 and G5RV- dipole for 40 through 10 m, using CW and SSB on or near 7.022,
    7.062, 14.022, 14.262, 21.022, 21.262, 28.022, 28.562 MHz and on WARC bands.
                                                          QSL - via bureau also - to DL1MJF.
    Yoshi, JE2EHP reports he will be active as K1HP/KH2 from Guam on 18-21 April.He plans
    to operate SSB and CW on all  the HF bands and 6 metres.
                                                    QSL via home call, direct or bureau.

    Mohamed, S01MZ has been active on 20 meters around 1700z.                 QSL via EA1BT.

    John,KX7YT, is back in Dhaka again since Apr 14 and will stay thereuntil May 1.He could
    extend his old license by seven days so that he will be active on the air as S21YV until
    Apr 21.           QSLs either direct (1 US$ or 1 IRC) to KX7YT, via bureau or via LoTW.
    Udo, DL9HCU, is now active as T20HC. The length of his stay is unsure (possibly through
    April 22nd or sooner). He likes 20 meters CW, so watch 14002 or 14025 kHz between
    0500-0800z. Also, watch 14183 kHz (after 0500z), Udo will check into the ANZA Net.
    He was also spottedon 18077 kHz between 0800-0945z this past weekend.    QSL via DL9HCU.

    Klaus, DK6AO, will once again be back here signing TI/DK6AO between April 16th and
    May 17th. This time he will try to activate IOTA islands groups NA-191 and NA-117.
    Activity will be mainly on the weekends. Klaus prefers 20/17 meters.    QSL via DK6AO.
    Wim, ON6NP says he will be  active from Cambodia on 9-28 April.He will operate as XU7ADV
    on SSB, PSK31 and RTTY.

    Saad, N5FF, informs that he will be arriving in Damascus on the evening of April 20th
    and should be active again as YK1BA from April 21st and May 2nd. He will return home to
    Texas on May 3rd. As usual, the purpose of the trip is not a DXpedition, so his operating
    will be spotty. However, Saad states that he hopes to be able to operate at least 3-4
    hours a day. He also states, 'With the current band conditions and my typical operating
    times, I suspect that I will spend most of my radio time on 30, 40, and 80 meters.
    However, I will operate on whatever band (80-10m) and mode that have the best propagation
    at the time. Most probable operating times are between 2000-2300 UTC or between
    0200-0500 UTC and possibly some occasional activities between 1200-1400 UTC. I will be
    active on SSB, CW, and RTTY.'                                               QSL via N5FF

    Franck,ZA/F4DTO, will be QRV from the city of Elbassan from Apr 22 until May 3. Franck
    will work in SSB on 20m, 17m and preferably 10m running the 100 W of his FT-100 into a
    vertical for 10m and a dipole. QSLs only direct via F4DTO.
    Check also his website: http://monsite.orange.fr/f4dto

     The latest information says Tom,ZD7X (KC0W), will stay on St. Helena
     until the end of June (a little longer than planned). The next stop in
     his plans is Tristan da Cunha (AF-029) from where he plans to become
     active as ZD9X for four to six months.
Island activities:
     The latest information says Tom,ZD7X (KC0W), will stay on St. Helena until the end of
     June (a little longer than planned). The next stop in his plans is Tristan da Cunha
     from where he plans to become active as ZD9X for four to six months.
AF-049 Mauritius
    Look for Slavo, 3B8/SP2JMB, through Apr 24th .He will hit the airwaves from Mauritius
    (AF-049) as 3B8/SP2JMB. Slavo prefers CW.

     9M6/LA7XK, 9M6/LA9DL and 9M6/LA6VM will be QRV from Layang Layang from Apr 18-25.
     While LA6VM works CW the other two OP's will activate SSB, RTTY and PSK feeding their
     100 watts into verticals.                            QSLs via the operator's homecall.

     Dani,HB9IQY, writes: "I will sign GJ/HB9IQY in SSB und CW on 80-10m from the channel
     island Jersey (EU-013) between Tuesday, Apr 22, and Friday, May 2. Please understand
     that I am going to work mostly Swiss stations during the Helvetia (H26) Contest on
     Apr 26/27." Dani will use a TS-450,a W3DZZ antenna and asks for QSLs via his homecall

     Kevan,2E0WMG, and Mark,M0MJH, will be QRV as 2J0WMG and MJ0MJH from Jersey Island from
     Apr 20-26. They also plan to activate Les Minquiers (Maytresse/EU-099) during this time.
     Originally both were expected to show up four weeks earlier.      QSLs via homecalls 

EU-042  Hallig Langeness
    Operators Helmut/DL1ECU and Rolf/DK1DN will be active as homecall/p from Hallig Langeness
    (N-19 for the German Islands Award, WLOTA LH-1245) between April 22nd and May 3rd. They
    plan to have two stations active on all HF bands.        QSL via their home callsigns.

EU-051 Ustica Island
    Members from the Noantri Radio Club in Rome will be active as IE9N from Ustica Island
    between April 24th and May 1st. Activity will be on all bands and modes. Look for their
    6m beacon to be on air as IE9N/B. This group will activate this unique location, trying
    to give another good reference number to the world-wide IOTA comunity after last year
    operations as OH10TA. Ustica is a small volcanic island situated in the Tyrrhenian Sea.
    It is characterized by reduced sources of water, and the vegetation is consequently
    scarce. It is also a marine protected area, and one of most important scuba diving
    spots in Europe. More details and live updates are available at:   www.ie9n.com
                                                                            QSL via IZ0FKE.
    The "Barry Amateur Radio Society" members Glyn,GW0ANA, and MW0USK with their German
    guests Markus,DL9RCF, Alois,DL8RBL, and Franz,DJ9ZB, will activate Guernsey Island
    (EU-114) from Apr 19-26. Listen for GB0U in all modes and on all bands on the usual DX
    frequencies.                                             The QSL manager is Glyn,GW0ANA.

     Starting on Apr 22 Bob,N9QGU, will be QRV in SSB on 20-10m for about two weeks. He will
     have time for his radio hobby during his early  morning and late afternoon hours.

     French DXCC card checker Gerard, F2VX, will be active as FM/F2VX between April 25th
     and May 8th.  Activity will be SSB on the HF bands.                   QSL via F2VX.

NA-117  Puntarenas Prov. East Grp., NA-191, TI7, Guanacaste Prov. Grp.
    Klaus,DK6AO, is staying in Costa Rica from Apr 16 until May 17 and plans to activate
    Capitan Island as TI7/DK6AO and also Ballena Island as TI8/DK6AO. All activities are
    limited to the weekends.                 For QSL information visit: http://www.dk6ao.de

     Juergen,FJ/DJ2VO, will work only in CW on 40-10m (perhaps also on 80m) running 100 watts
     into a vertical from Apr 19 until May 8.      QSL cards direct and via the DARC bureau.

     Mat,T88JY (JA1JQY), Sasi,T88KJ (JA1KJW), and Kuni,T88VE (JA8VE), will stay in Palau
     from Apr 16-19. They have three radios and a small amplifier, dipoles for 160-30m and
     yagis for the other bands. T88JY and T88KJ will work in telegraphy, T88VE prefers SSB
     and RTTY.                               QSLs via the operator's homecalls, bureau is ok.

     Yoshi,JE2EHP, announces his activity as K1HP/KH2 in CW/SSB on all bandsfrom Guam
     (OC-026, Usi GU-003S, WLOTA LH 0064) from Apr 18-21.                   QSLs via JE2EHP.

     Gavin J. Roberts,AH8/W9EYE,will go on a business trip to Tutuila from Apr 21-27.He will
     work with high power in SSB/RTTY on 10-80m during his spare time.    QSLs via homecall.
   Bernhard, DL2GAC will be QRV as H44MS from Honiara, IOTA OC-047, until
   April 27.He will also be active from Lighthouse WLOTA LH-0086.            QSL DL2GAC.

    Colin,WA2YUN/KH9, will have a 3ele tribander in a few weeks. About two months later he
    will get a power amplifier as well. Colin will stay on Wake Island (OC-053) until the
    end of 2009.                                                   His QSL manager is K2PF.

   PA3GZU будет активен позывным DU9/PA3GZU с о-ва Минданао (OC-130) с 12 апреля по 12 мая.
   Он будет работать в "отпускном  стиле" на 20 м SSB и BPSK31, большей частью в конце
   апреля - на  первой неделе мая.          QSL via home call, предпочтительно через бюро.     
 The Union de Radioaficionados Espanoles, URE,
(The Spanish Amateur Radio League) is proud to announce a project in
East Timor to take place in June 2008. URE's Radiosolidarity Department
will organize an Amateur Radio DXpedition, combined with activities to
promote Amateur Radio including the donation and setting up of a complete
amateur radio station at the University of Dili. It is hoped that by
operating alongside students and teachers of the Electrical Engineering
and other departments it will be possible to sow the seeds of future
amateur radio activity of a permanent nature in East Timor. The current
team consists of the following experienced operators: Angel/EA1QF (Team
Leader CW/Digi), Txema/EA5BWR (CW/SSB/Digi), Eugene/EA4KA (CW), Pere/EA3CUU
(CW), Jose/CT1ERC (SSB/Digi) and Jose/EA4DB (CW/SSB/Digi). Activity will
be on CW, SSB, RTTY and the HF bands. QSL Manager is EA4URE, by the Bureau
or direct to: P.O. Box 220, 28080 Madrid - SPAIN. More details and up-to-
date info is now available on their new Web paqe at:
 Operators Kasimir/DL2SBY and Georg/DF1SR
(ex-DD0SB) will be active from here between May 5-12th. Activity will be
on 80-6 meters, CW, SSB and RTTY, using 600 watts into a Butternut HF9V
antenna. They also plan to be active in the EU-EME Contest (May 11-12th)
on the 23cm band. Operations will also include EME on 1296 MHz (500 watts/
Dish 3m) and 2320 MHz (200 watts/Dish 3m). Callsigns will be be HB0/DF1SR
(EME-activity) and HB0/DL2SBY (HF-activity). Visit the following Web page
for more details and photos at:      home.arcor.de/dl2sby/
 OL76, CZECH REPUBLIC (Special Event).
 Look for special event station
OL76CAV to be active for 24 hours on April 20th. Activity is to celebrate
76th anniversary of the founding of Ceskomoravsti Amateri Vysilaci
(Czech-Moravian Transmitting Amateurs, www.c-a-v.com/). Activity
will be on all bands CW, SSB, RTTY and BPSK from the various places in
the Czech Republic.    QSL via OK1UU.


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