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     Eddie,VK4AN, and his 13-year-old son Rajiv,VK4FRAJ, will activate the island Malolo-Lailai
     (OC-121) as 3D2A from May 17-31. They have 3 rigs:
     Two FT-450AT + ALS-500M PAs & FT-100 for 6m. Their announced QRGs are:
     in    CW: 2-5 kHz from the lower band edge,
     in   SSB: 3795, 7095, 14195, 18145, 21295, 24925, 28495 kHz,
     in  RTTY: 7042, 10112, 14082, 18102, 21082, 28082 kHz and
     in PSK31: 7042, 10112, 14072, 18102, 21072, 28072 kHz.
     Eddie and Rajiv will take part also in the upcoming WPX Contest.Their online log is hosted
     at http://hosenose.com/logic/logcheck/default.aspx
                                     QSLs for 3D2A should be sent direct or via bureau to VK4AN.

    Daniel, DF8UO is QRV as 5R8UO from the capital of Antananarivo until May 28. Activity
    is on all bands using CW and SSB. This includes an entry in the CQ WPX CW contest.
                                                                          QSL to home call.
    Franz, DC7NF, is now active as 5X7FN until the end of June. Activity is expected to be
    mainly on 40 and 20 meters SSB. Most of his activity so far has been on 20 meters on
    various frequencies between 1700-2100z.             QSLs will go out when he returns home
    Steffen, 5Z4DX will be QRV from Shanzu Beach from May 14to June 11.Activity will be
    on all bands and modes.He also plans to possibly activate Wasini Island, IOTA AF 067,
    and Lamu Island, IOTA AF 040, on May 25 and 26.                          QSL direct.

8J  JAPAN (QRP Event)
     Look for special event stations 8J4P and 8J6P to be active until June 30th. Activity is to
     celebrate "QRP Day" (June 17th). Stations will run less than five watts output.
     Activity over the past week has been on 40/30/20 meters CW and PSK. QSL according to the
     operator's instructions.

    Don't forget from the 21st May - 1st June I'll be QRV from Barbados as 8P9TS. I've had
    to make a couple of changes to the equipment I'm taking due to the airline's baggage
    policy, but for 6M I will now use a pair of 4 ele Yagi's, one for Eu and one for NA.
    These Yagi's can be selected separately or switched in phase. This will allow me to run
    in beacon mode to Eu and NA at the same time. Last year from C5 I had to keep running
    up and down some stairs to turn the antenna which wasn't nice with temperatures over
    37C. I've weighed up the advantages/disadvantages of using a single Yagi and rotator
    and this A, B or A+B method with fixed yagi's seems to be the best idea. Unfortuantly
    we're staying on the West Coast of the island so no sea path to Eu, but a rising ground
    of around 2deg elevation. I will try and run a breakable Beacon on 50.102 when we are
    around the apartment. For HF I will have a Windom up at around 15M high, as with last
    June from C5, I'll use HF when the family are asleep and 6M isn't open. Darren, G0TSM

    Rich,WA3FPK, will stay in Ruanda for three weeks starting on May 15. He is already holding
    the 9X0A license in his hands. During his little spare time you will find him working
    mainly in SSB on 20m - especially during the third week.        His QSL manager is KA1CRP.

    The beginning of the Olympic Summer Games in Beijing is approaching and connected
    amateur radio activities are increasing as well. These five stations are representing
    the colours of the five Olympic rings from May 18 until Sep 17: BT1OB (for blue),
    BT1OJ (for black), BT1OH (for red), BT1OY (for yellow) and BT1ON (for Green).
    The QSL manager for all stations is BA4EG who confirms either direct or via bureau.
    The official website is: http://www.bj2008ses.com.cn

    Members of the A.R.I. Ivrea Club Station (IQ1IV) will activate special event station
    IO1WWC between May 12th and June 8th. Activity is to celebrate the 2008 Wildwater World
    Championships in Ivrea that takes place between June 3-8th. Look for operations to be
    on all the bands, HF to the VHF and UHF, with activity on the satellite.
                                                     QSL via IQ1IV, by the bureau or direct
    Rolf, DL6ZFG will be QRV as IS0/DL6ZFG from May 26 to June 10. Activity is mostly on
    the HF bands using CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK when time is available.      QSL to home call.

    Lars, LA5LJA and Tor, LA7FJA will be QRV as JW5LJA and JW7FJA, respectively, from
    Spitsbergen,IOTA EU-026,from May 25 to June 1.Activity is on all bands using CW and SSB.
                                                                          QSL to home calls.

    Operators PA0VHA, PA3BAG, PA2A, PA2AM, PA3ALK and PB5A will be QRV as OH0/homecalls
    from May 24 to June 6. Activity will be on 160 to 6 meters using CW, SSB, RTTY and
    PSK31 with three stations. They may also participate in the CQ WPX CW contest.
                                                                        QSL to home calls.

    Special event station 4U1WED will be operated on 1-30 June by the Vienna International
    Amateur Radio Club (4U1VIC) celebrating the World Environment Day  (5 June,
    http://www.unep.org/wed/).                                              QSL via 4U1VIC.

    Members of the Radio Club Dobruska are QRV as OL1908D until May 31 in celebration of the
    100th anniversary of the railway system to the City of Dobruska.Activity is on all bands
    and modes, including V/UHF.                                              QSL via OK1KT.

    Special callsign PA143ITU will be aired on 15-30 May celebrating the 143th anniversary of 
    ITU and  the World  Telecommunication Day  (17 May). Expect activity on 80, 40, 20, 17, 15,
    12 and 10 metres CW and SSB, with some RTTY. PA143ITU will also participate in the
    CQ WW WPX CW Contest.                                                      QSL via PA3CAL. 

    Haru, JA1XGI will be QRV as T32XG from May 27 to June 3. Activity will be on 40 to
    15 meters using CW, SSB and various digital modes.                     QSL to home call.

    Urcun, TA0U will be active as TC17GS on 1-15 June to celebrate the 17th title won by 
    Galatasary SK in  the national football  (soccer) championship.      QSL via home call.

    Reiner,DL2AAZ, will show up as V4/9H3TI from Nevis (NA-104) working in CW/SSB on 80-10m
    between May 25 and Jun 15. He will use a vertical and dipoles with 100 watts.
                                                           QSL via DL2AAZ, direct or bureau.

    Bob, K0OK will be QRV as VP5/K0OK from May 21 to 28 from Providenciales, IOTA NA-002.
    Activity will be on 160 to 6 meters using CW and SSB.During the upcoming CQ WPX CW contest,
    he will be active as VP5E.                                                QSL to home call.

    Tomas, LY1F (VK2CCC)  will  be  active  from  Macao  on  27-29  May (callsign to be
     issued upon arrival).He plans to emphasize CW and the low bands.
                                                            QSL via operator's instructions.
    Dates for our Grand Cayman 6M effort are now firmed up. Friday, June 27 thru Sunday,
    July 6. We implore everyone....please, please....don't send or expect to receive grid
    square information in the exchanges. We'll be in EK99gi and it will be on our QSLs.
    If you work ZF2ZD, QSL via K2ZD. If you work ZF2BI, QSL via K4BI, both direct w/SAE
    and sufficient funds for postage. Beacon & CW QSO's will be on 50.095. We'll move into
    the US 'phone band for SSB. Frequency to be determined by possible QRM to other active
    stations. We're of course optimistic and look forward to lots of log entries.
                                                                73, Jim Holt, K4BI / ZF2BI
Island activities:
     The latest information says Tom,ZD7X (KC0W), will stay on St. Helena until the end of
     June (a little longer than planned). The next stop in his plans is Tristan da Cunha
     from where he plans to become active as ZD9X for four to six months.

AF-067,AF040 Hachijo Island,Lamu Island
     Steffen, 5Z4DX, will be active from Shanzu Beach between May 14th and June 11th. Activity
     will be on all bands and modes. He also plans to possibly activate Hachijo Island (AF-067 -
     May 25-26th) and Lamu Island (AF-040). QSL direct to his Iceland address at: Frank Steffen
     Gast, Eskifirdi, 735 Eskifjoedur, ICELAND.

EU-005 Walney Island
     Steve, G0UIH, will once again attempt to activate Walney Island between May 31st and
     June 2nd using the callsign G0UIH/M. Activity will be mainly on 20/17/15 meters, but
     also on 40 meters using a IC706MK2G, w/400 watts into an Outbacker Perth Vertical.
     This activation is a reschedule from May 3rd.        QSL direct to his home callsign.

EU-024  Sardinia Island 
     Rolf,DL6ZFG, writes: "I will be active as IS0/DL6ZFG from the island of Sardinia
     (EU-024) between May 26 until around Jun 10. I will work in  all modes, preferably in
     PSK, RTTY, CW and also SSB (if it does not disturb my XYL) mostly on 20m, 30m and 40m.
     I have also antennas for the other bands, including a rotary dipole for 15m/12m/10m
     (no 6m). Find more information at: http://www.dl6zfg.de           73 de Rolf,DL6ZFG."

     Lars, LA5LJA, will be active as JW5LJA and JW7FJA from Spitsbergen Island (EU-026, WLOTA
     LH-0125) from May 25th to June 1st. Look for activity on all HF bands, using CW, SSB and
     digital modes.                QSL both calls via LA5LJA, bureau preferred and also direct.

EU-048  Groix Island
    Joel, F1BLQ Bertrand, F6HKA Eric, F5LOW Laurent, F5MNK Fabrice, F5NBQ and Leon ON4ZD,
    will be QRV with three stations signing TM0G in SSB/CW/RTTY/PSK on 80-10m from May 24-31.
                                                       QSLs via F6ANA, direct or via bureau.
EU-174 Thassos Island
    Michael, DF3IS, will show up as J48IS on all bands from Thassos Island from May 22-29.
                                                  QSL via homecall (bureau/direct). No eQSL!

NA-036 Vancouver Isl.
     Some members are celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Nanaimo ARA (VE7NA) by
     activating VE7NARA on Vancouver Island (CISA BC-001) from May 1-30.       QSL via VE7FCO.

OC-088 Kota Kinabalu
     Lee, DS4NMJ is QRV as 9M6/KE5CNK from Kota Kinabalu, IOTA OC-088, for three months
     while on a short business trip. Activity is on 80 to 10 meters during his spare time.
                                                                         QSL to home call.
French Castles and Lighthouses
      Look for Gilles, F4FGJ/p, along with his XYL Evelyne, to be active from several
      castles and lighthouses in South Finistere (DDFM29), French Brittany (DPF 06),
      between May 23rd and June 7th. On May 25th, from the Castle of Kerlouarnec (DFCF
      reference pending), canton ofDouarnenez (DDCF 29-13), city of Douarnenez (CP 29100).
      On May 31st, from the Tristan Island [Ile Tristan] (DIFM AT-056, Not IOTA) andlighthouse
      (DPLF PB-063, ARLHS FRA-063, TWLHD WLH F-073, WLOTA LH-1557, Admiralty D0830), canton
      of Douarnenez (DDCF 29-13), city of Douarnenez (CP 29100).
      Watch the clusters for possible other lighthouses activities from - Pointe du Millier
      lighthouse (DPLF PB-105, ARLHS FRA-256, Admiralty D0836), canton of Pont Croix
      (DDCF 29-33), city of Beuzec cap Sizun CP 29122); d'Eckmuhl lighthouse (DPLF PB-114,
      ARLHS FRA-256, Admiralty D0890), canton of Guilvinec (DDCF 29-49), city of Penmarch
      Saint Pierre CP 29760).
      Activity will be on 80, 40 and 20 meter SSB.  QSL via home call, direct or bureau.    
"THE OLD TIMER" (60 Years in the hobby of Amateur Radio)
is a book written by Jim Smith, VK9NS, from Norfolk Island, and is now available at:
This book is about the story of Jim Smith's travels through life and becoming involved in
the hobby of Amateur Radio. The book is almost 600 pages long.

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