Features and functions:
• 11 band decoding from 160m to 6m including WARC and 60m
• integrated level converter (similar to CI-V, IF-232, FIF-232) for communication between computer and radio, no additional interface required
• integrated CW, PTT interface from LPT and COM ports (selectable by user), with inhibits if logging SW is not running
• provides programmable 10 source driver outputs or 10 isolated source/sink (selectable) outputs with optional RELAY BOARD.
• configurable with "microHAM Device Configurator™" computer control software
• steel and aluminum case for best EMI suppression
• all I/O lines are filtered with an inductor choke filter
• generates band data from radios which do not produce band information without computer (Kenwood's, Icom's on WARC bands), and makes it possible to track bands on automatic power amplifiers like VL1000, FL7000, IC-PW1 etc.



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Microham micro band decoderMicroham micro band decoder

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